Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Night 2 of swaddling went well, but not 100% as expected. We started baths at 10 PM with Batya and finished at eating at 11:30 PM with Chaya. I then put each girl into her Cozy Cocoon (it is hot and these seemed cooler than the fleece Kiddopotomus wraps) and took them upstairs. At 2:30 Batya awoke to eat followed by Chaya and Shira finishing at 4 am. They were then left with their arms out of the Cocoons and woke at 6:30. After that I wrapped them in the fleece wrap and Chaya then slept until 10:30 and Shira and Batya are still asleep at 11:15. So...the Cozy Cocoon is now for naps and trips (they are so darn cute in them!) and the Kiddopotomus is for night. I'll post pictures of the Cozy Cocoons and Gnome Hats soon!