Tuesday, September 19, 2006

So, yesterday was 5 months, but I'm not going to post their 5 month picture because it features 3 little naked behinds. Very cute, but not an experience I plan on ever repeating! First, Shira peed after the diaper was off, then Batya decided to roll over off of the cushion and cried so hard it was difficult to calm her without a diaper. Finally Chaya decided that no diaper = time to poop! So off I rushed to the changing room to let her finish and clean her up. So...anyone who wants to see a baby behind will just have to come and change a diaper or give a bath.

Today we took holiday card pictures. The single photos all turned out great, but the group shot is not so great. Batya is showing off her new talent at trying to make raspberries and Shira looks like she is about to cry unless she can get her entire hand into her mouth. But I did capture 3 smiles!!

At 5 months all of the girls are teething and I suspect Chaya will get her 2 teeth in first, but all are drooling, chewing and fussing. Also, all are laughing, smiling, and talking up a storm. They are also more aware of what is supposed to be going on around them. On Sunday morning I was in bed witht he girls and Ron hadn't returned from synagogue. She knew he should be coming from the bathroom to see her like he does every morning so she just kept staring at the bathroom waiting for him to say good morning and play with her.

They are also rolling all the time front to back and trying to roll back to front with Chaya getting the closest. She just can't figure out what to do with her arm and gets caught on it. They are still pre-crawling and you can't leave them somewhere anymore and expect them to still be there when you return. They can scooch well on their tummies or their backs and all of them are fighting to sit up, but still need a lot of support to stay up. They are also grabbing onto things and holding on a lot more. They each have their favorite toys to hold.

And...Shira's eyes are now a golden brown more like Ron's (though he insists they are green, but he's the only one who sees green) and Batya is looking more like my dad but her personality is all Ron. Chaya's eyes have changes to a lighter blue, but Batya's are still the dark blue she had at birth.