Thursday, May 29, 2008

Bye Bye Gate!

We had two gates in the house. One blocked off the kitchen. The other first blocked off the small hall leading only to the stairs and later was moved to block off the living room. Shira can open the kitchen gate so it is pretty much useless unless she is otherwise occupied. (The others haven't figured out how it works.) So, I've been leaving it open most of the time. Tonight I took it down. My kitchen door looks so big now! LOL

I also created a snack drawer for the girls. I need to charge the batteries and then I'll snap a picture. I put 5 plastic containers in the drawer and then filled them with different snacks that I don't mind them having. Raisins, some dried peas, fruit strips, oranges, bananas and pretzels. I showed each of the girls the drawer and they dug right in. Batya got out some apples and they all had a fruit strip. There will be a period of binging, I can tell. They kept bringing me fruit strips to open and I had to explain that they could only have one. They seemed to catch on by the end of the evening. I need to figure out some packaging for home-made cookies and muffins, though.