Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Too much packed into a day

It didn't seem like much. Ikea, grocery store and picking u pour CSA box. It was. I feel like I did when we were moving and I was four months pregnant. And the girls are grumps. It is hard remembering that those long trips out are rough. Especially when you can't just sit and relax and they can't run around.

That said, there isn't anything I need from Ikea any time soon. (I needed a fourth photo frame to match the three I have and a couple serving pieces for the large group we are having over next Shabbat.) From now on, only 1 location per trip with girls in tow. Also, our housekeeper needed her schedule rearranged due to childcare issues. She's now working every other Tuesday so I can have her do more of a babysitting day and run some errands if I need to.

As I sit here writing this at 8pm, I'm falling asleep at the desk and dreading finishing up unpacking the groceries. And I need to go through my CSA box. And i haven't even removed the Ikea swag from the car.