Sunday, June 01, 2008

101 in 1001 Update: June 1, Part 2

Now, to expand on a couple of the items (highlighted in red ont he list).

Update the girls’ blog monthly (1/33) I think this one can be deleted since I've merged all the blogs and become more of a regular blogger.
Learn to use a wrap correctly. D-O-N-E! And I must say I love wrapping!
Donate the girls’ old toys. A lot of them are gone as part of my big de-clutter and also to get the girls' room reaady for them.
Grow out hair to donate to Locks of Love Still going. Probably another month until I can get it back into a good ponytail. Then it will be smooth sailing until the very end.
Make holiday binder I've got just about everything together. I'm hoping to assemble it during the big summer lull between holidays.
Try eating raw for 1 week Thinking about deleting this one. I've been doing more reading and really find myself taking more of a Traditional Foods approach and enjoying it. But, then again, it is only one week.
Back-up family pictures Done
Go to a scrapbooking crop regularly (At least once a month) Having a hard time finding one. :(
Re-evaluate items on my Ravelry queue monthly. (4/33) Did you notice my nice, shorter Ravelry queue? I learned the power of "fave."
Re-evaluate my 101/1001 list monthly (3/33) Trying to actually do it twice a month along witht he update threads on the Ravelry group.
Have enough knitted dishcloths to not use sponges (10/50) I seriously love my dishcloths. And I made some out of plyarn for Shabbat. Ooooooohhhhhh......
Complete the monthly KALs I’ve committed to. Sadly, I've pretty much dropped out of all of them. Maybe time to rejoin some?
Grow tomato plant Well, the girls are. But I'm helping! LOL
Return phone calls as they come in. Check
Return Netflix as soon as I watch them or realize I don’t really want to watch them. Been doing this. Love that I don't feel like I'm wasting my money on DVDs sitting at home. Also a great way to have a variety of movies for the girls to watch.
If I don’t read email groups weekly, unsubscribe. I've been doing well, but it seems like when I decide to drop a group, it picks up. LOL
Respond to one email a week in each of my email groups. Again, doing well and I've made a couple of playdates with the local AP group. So much fun!
Use canvas bags when shopping I am happy to say that my plastic bag bin is consistently low now.
Find some “me space” in the house. Done. :) It isn't much, but it is mine and I use it.
Get rid of the grubby clothing from my closet. Happy to do that. Bought some cute wrap skirts to replace the grungies. I've noticed that I stain my shirts pretty easily, though. The joys of motherhood. LOL
Get rid of 1001 clutter items (137/1001) Truckin along as part of my de-clutter fest. So nice.