Wednesday, June 18, 2008


So, my poor water kefir is dead. Well, it never really grew and then it got moldy. I think there was something on that orange I tossed in this time. So, a moment of silence for my water kefir.

But now I have another jar for the kombucha. And a good thing, too, because my mama scoby won't stop and the girls...the girls fight over the last bit in the bottle.

So here is a pictoral about brewing this yummy, slightly sour, tea.

Brew some strong, black tea with a lot of sugar. I use two gallon tea jars. I put 4 tea bags in each jar and a nice sized pile of sugar. (Don't you love these precise measurements?) I then fill up the electric tea kettle with water and pour half of the boiling water into each jar and let it steep until it gets to room temperature.

Next I fish out the tea bags, make sure all the sugar is dissolved and fill the jar up with water.

Next I slip a mama back into the jar with a bit of brewed kombucha tea.

Then I cap the jar and leave it be.

I've put the jars into the cabinet, covered them with a towel and left them on the counter uncovered. I haven't noticed any difference in the brewing except that I tend to forget about it when it is in the cabinet. So I leave it on the counter.

This is my original mama. I grew her from 2 bottles (half empty) of GKT.