Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Try Again

So our potty learning didn't go so well yesterday. The girls would sit and sit and nothing happened and then after we got panties on and moved onto another activity they would wet their panties. I had been praising them for sitting and planning on giving a sticker when they went, but spent some time re-thinking that plan.

Today, when I went to the farmer's market, I stopped at Michaels and picked up some foam rectangles, letter stickers and an assortment of animal stickers. When the girls took their nap, I got the bag from the car and made up three boards with the rectangles and letters. I hung it next to the steps leading into the living room so it is front and center. I then mixed the other (565!) stickers together and put them into a jar.

When the girls woke up from their nap, we sat on the potties for 15 minutes. I didn't expect them to go since all their diapers were wet and warm. (The intercom was off so they were up for a bit before I realized it.) So everyone got to pick one sticker for their board. I explained that they get one for sitting on the potty and trying to go and that if they go peepee or poopoo in the potty then they get two stickers.

Shira wanted to sit on the potty again. LOL I asked if she had to go peepee and she said no. She also wanted me to see her bum in her Hello Kitty panties.