Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Traveling We Will Go

Well, it looks like we will be heading to Israel before the girls turn three. (After our last trip we said we would go after they turned three. That didn't last. We miss it too much!) So, I find myself researching and making lists. We are buying 5 seats so that means 10 suitcases and 5 carry-ons. I keep joking about that and you should see the look of horror on people's faces at the idea of lugging 3 toddlers, 3 carseats, a stroller, 5 carry-ons and 10 suitcases through security.

Seriously, though, I'm thinking minimalist.
  • 1 large suitcase for the girls and I (or two smaller ones depending on the logistics of the rental car)
  • 1 small suitcase with sposies, learners and potty seat for the girls. (This is going to depend on how pottying is going. I might take the potty seat thingee on the plane if they are really into using it.)
  • 1 small/medium suitcase with toiletries, shoes and the assorted electrical cords and chargers. I also need to put the rear-facing boots for the carseats into there since you can't rear-face the Radians on the plane.
  • 3 carseats that I'm going to use bungee cords to connect to a rolling luggage cart.
  • Stroller. We haven't decided which to take. The Joggers are beasts and don't fit everywhere, but we want to go to Masada, Ein Gedi and do more walking so a jogger would be wonderful. And the girls aren't super great at listening, though they are getting better. The other option is the Maclaren which is compact, but are horrid to push on beat-up sidewalks.
  • Carry-on for me with my toiletry case, a book and some magazines and some knitting.
  • Carry-on for the girls with toys, books and snacks. (I'm considering three small backpacks for the girls, but they might be too young and it might just add to the hassle.)
  • Diaper bag with a change of clothing for the girls.
  • Small bag with food. We have a seven hour layover in Paris and we will likely not find kosher food. Plus dairy stuff won't keep cold for 11+ hours so I'll be coming up with some creative non-perishable and packable food ideas.

Did you notice what was missing from my list? That's right. This trip Aba is taking care of all of his own stuff. I'm not packing his suitcases, commenting on what he takes, carrying his stuff in my bags. I do all of this for him and he either doesn't listen to my suggestions than complains that he brought too much/the wrong stuff, complains that he forgot stuff, complains that he can't find stuff or complains that I'm taking too long and too many bags. I've told him before that I wasn't going to pack for him and I always give in. I told him when we got home from this trip that he was going to be on his own. This time I mean it. I have four people to pack for and three of them can't help me. I don't have time to add another person to that list.

Now, your job is to hold me to that.