Saturday, November 22, 2008

Four Down...Aba Escapes?

It's so unfair! I got hit by the dreaded bug yesterday just an hour or so before Shabbat. I ended up sleeping on the sofa through dinner and missing out on the great food Ayelet had prepared.

That said, Chaya and Batya still seem a little sleepy but Shira is back in spazz mode. I started feeling better Shabbat morning and just have to be careful of toddlers jumping on my tummy or doing too much.

I feel so bummed that basically half of our vacation has been spent cooped up in the apartment. I guess I should watch what I say. Before we left I was saying that I wanted to get a bit of a feeling for living here. If I can survive three sick toddlers, being sick myself and doing some pharmacy and grocery runs by myself I think I can make it when the crew is healthy. LOL