Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Have You Met My Little Friend?

(Said in my best bad Al Pacino/Scarface impersonation.)

As many of you know, I was a HUGE fan of the Senseo. I got mine as part of the $15.00 trial and used it and loved it. I participated in pod swaps. I bought the My Pod and extra-large water tank. I sang its praises to everyone. Then it started misbehaving.

The gasket wouldn't seal and it was taking forever to get a cup of coffee. I tried all the tricks and tips I found online and had success with descaling the machine. For a couple weeks. I went back online to hunt down some other tips and tried everything. It was pretty hit and miss and I started drinking Israeli instant again.

Finally I decided to splurge in a new machine and started looking up reviews of the other single serve coffee machines and ended up picking a Keurig B66. I love it. I can't imagine life without it. Yes, it was a bit more expensive than the Senseo (The Keurig was $139.99 at Costco and the Senseo was $15.00 through their Share Senseo program but retails for $59.99.) but the ease of use and the quality of the coffee can't compare to the Senseo.

The Keurig has a timer so I set it to turn on at the same time my alarm goes off. By the time I'm downstairs the machine has hot water ready. The Keurig also has a larger water tank without purchasing an extra item and the water temperature is adjustable.

I received a number of sampler packs with the machine and I signed up for Green Mountain Coffee's autoship club and received a couple more boxes of samplers. There are still some unopened boxes here for me to try plus a whole world of other available K-cups out there not to mention the regular coffees that I can pack into the My K-cup that came with my machine.

So far, of the ones I have tried my favorites are Green Mountain's Double Black Diamond, Espresso Blend, Wild Mountain Blueberry (surprisingly light and not gross like it sounds!) and Caribou Coffee's Caribou Blend. They also make a hot cocoa, but I haven't tried it and would have to look into the kashrut implications of making a dairy drink in the machine.

Overall I'd have to say that the Keurig is the machine to get if you are looking for a good cup of coffee from a single serve machine.