Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mini Israel, Vomit in My Hand and Monsters in the House

Today we attempted to get the girls a bit back on schedule by visiting Mini Israel. It is about a 45 minute drive so we left at 10:00 AM as the girls were heading into meltdown. Shira and Chaya napped in the car but Batya stayed awake. Aba, Batya and I snacked on some crackers while we let the other two sleep a bit more. (The plan was an hour nap there and to take a little driving tour on the way back so that they could get 60-90 minutes more and then they would be ready to sleep in the evening.)

We wandered around the exhibit a bit and it was fun. It was a bit warmer than we expected (The car's thermestat said 30 degrees celsius!) and soon Batya was asking for the carrier. I popped her onto my back and continued on our journey.

Soon, Shira starts crying that she needs a diaper. Being in the middle of an amusement park, warm and not wanting to hike to the bathroom and back again I did what any self-respecting ima would do: I lifted her dress and stripped off her diaper. I was just finishing attaching the second tab when the sound came from Batya.

My back was covered with warm, sticky and sour liquid and Batya was screeching. We got her clamed down and staning in the stroller after another bought of vomit. Aba took Shira and Chaya and I grabbed the stroller and we headed to the exit. On the way out, Aba purchased shirts for Batya and I and some cold beverages. I got her cleaned up and changed my shirt. I gave her some water and about 10 minutes later that came up, too. It was mostly water since she had gotten the crackers and cheese out in the park. We decided to risk it and headed to the car.

I put her in the seat behind me so that, if need be, I could jut open the doors and get to her. I could also easily uninstall the seat. And yes, I did need to. Once I got her out and the road and she had a bit more cheese to get rid of. That emptied her tummy as the other two times it was pretty much dry heaves and some drool into my hand. (Does allowing your daughter to puke into your hand make you an official mommy?)

Aba was so worried he kept looking back and missed two turns that would have gotten us home quickly. So we took a little detour through Mea Shearim.
We got home and Batya and I took a shower and got into pjs. I tossed the clothing into the washer and also got the carseat cover washed. We ended up napping for about five hours. I had planned on getting her asleep and then taking the other two for a walk, but Chaya joined us in bed and Shira and Aba napped on the sofa. She had a couple more dry heaves between 3:00 PM and 8:00 PM. She woke around 8:45 asking for chalav. We gave her a bit of water and that stayed down so she had some milk. The she wanted a banana and that has stayed down, too.

It is now 4:00 AM and she is asleep again with no repeats. She has a very mild fever but she is teething (last two molars!). I suspect it was a combination of the flight, food changes, sleep changes, the sudden warm weather at Mini Israel, the preassure on her tummy from when I knelt down and the excess drool she swallows when she teethes.

Another new thing is Shira's fear of monsters. She has mentioned it a couple times and I was trying to come up with an answer. I finally did and it seems to have worked. I had tried the "Monster Spray" idea but she just wanted to spray and spray and spray and wasn't satisfied. Fail.
Instead I taught her to say "sh'ma" when she even thinks she sees a monster. I told her that monsters don't like to hear the Sh'ma so they will run away if they think she is going to say it. She practicied a few times and didn't mention monsters again so I hope it worked. I'll have to tell Aba about that one so that he knows what to do.