Saturday, November 01, 2008

Music Nights

Shavua tov everyone!

I have this post set to automatically publish, but I'm hoping to get a couple pictures uploaded before it does, so there may or may not be photos. LOL

Last week our synagogue started a new program. We recently got a new chazzan who has a wonderful voice. So parents and children get together for a half hour of shirim with music. The idea is to teach the children the shirim and then later on to have a dinner where they sing.

The girls are a little young, but they seem to enjoy it. The music is all on keyboard so it isn't as loud and raucous as the music class we took over the summer. They still sit quietly and sometimes bob their heads, but I won't be surprised to see them dancing soon.

After the singing we have pizza. That's a big hit. LOL

Woot! Got the pics uploaded so here they are: