Thursday, November 06, 2008

Nursing a NICU Baby (or Two)

Some of you know about my problems breastfeeding the girls despite many efforts and struggle. Despite this I am still 100% pro-breastfeeding and encourage all new moms to do their best for their babies and get good advice from competent lactation consultants and La Leche League.

My friend Celeste recently (has it really been three months!?!) gave birth to twin boys at 32 weeks. She has a wonderful post up on her blog about breastfeeding, dealing with the NICU, preemies and low-supply. I mentioned it in the comments, but here is my addition to what she said.

Be on the lookout for postpartum depression. Have your friends and family aware of the increased risk of ppd with premature births and NICU experiences and get help at the first sign. I can telly ou from experience that you don't want to be near your child's first birthday and learn that their first months of life are shrouded with a black cloud in your memory.