Monday, November 24, 2008

An Oldie Found

This was in my drafts folder. I was working on it when I took breaks from Rosh haShanah cooking but didn't get a chance to finish it then. Better late than never!

In between my cooking, cleaning, shopping, taking care of the girls and normal household stuff, I've been mulling over what I'd like the new year to bring for my family.

My darling Chayale,
You are my bechora. I know you don't really "get" what that means and there is still time for you to fully understand your roll as first-born. But right now I need you to understand that it doesn't mean you get to take everything you want from Batya. I'm not sure why or how but you have really clicked onto the "I'm the big sister" roll with her. She seems to enjoy the hugs and kisses and calls herself "the baby" or "the baby sister" and calls you her "big sister". It is sweet. And cute. Until the crying and calls of, "Chaya took my _______!" At some point she is going to get fed up and use her height and weight advantage against you.

I also want to talk to you about the sleep issue. Every so often we click into a week or two when you go to sleep easily, sleep all night and nap well. Shock! You aren't a grouch the next day. Then something happens. Illness, teething, holidays and later-than-usual Shabbat dinner and we fight for weeks over sleep.