Monday, December 01, 2008

A Post from the Plane

Around the house we've been going through a lot of...thinking of the right word here...hardship...difficulty...boundary pushing...terrible two-and-a-half? Needless to say, Aba and I are feeling like we are being pushed to the edge of our sanity. So I've been doing some reading and thinking and planning and I have come up with what I hope will be a solution.

First, I'm restarting my Flylady routines. I've been sketching routines and will finalize it on the plane so that I can jump start them when we get home.

I've got some ideas made to rearrange some furniture to make the house more accessible to the lifestyle I want to achieve.

I'll be instituting a few of the "social niceties" into the home.

I'm going to be instituting the Accountable Kids board for the girls to keep track of their routine.

Naps are out. Even the "ell asleep in the car so Ima parked and sat and read so we could nap" things are gone. It just makes the girls cranky beasts in the evening.

I'll be reviewing the girls' (and ours!) diet. Lately we've been relying too much of quick foods and snacks and not eating enough vegetables.

I'll be limiting the television watching severely.

I'm hoping that all of these things will help get our family back on track and move us out of this phase we are in now.