Friday, January 09, 2009

My Poor 101/1001

Its been awhile since I posted about my 101/1001. Actually, it has been awhile since I even thought about it. Yet tonight, as I handed a homeless woman $2.00 I remembered my 101/1001 list and my desire to donate a dollar a day to charity. What makes the list so forgettable?

Well, times change. I change. My life changes. Goals change. And I don't have my list posted anywhere except on the computer. Our of sight, out of mind. So I'm going to print it out and post it alongside my daily routine and cleaning lists. (Have I mentioned how much I'm grooving with Flylady lately?) Now for the big I revamp the list and actually reflect where I am today? If so do I reset the date? My list is currently set to be completed on November 14, 2010. Tough choices.

In the end I've decided to revamp it but leave the end date. I did reset the daily/weekly/monthly items so that they are current. I'm surprised how much time we have. Some of the larger traveling things will likely not get done, but everything is pretty doable.

Without further ado, the new and improved 101/1001 list:
  1. Go on a cruise
  2. Save $5.00 a week for Israel fund (0/96)
  3. Go skiing
  4. Take a RV vacation across the US
  5. Drive to Hearst Castle
  6. Take a driving tour in Israel.
  7. Go to Morocco
  8. Shop in Morocco
  9. Take the girls to Disney World
  10. Dance with the girls at the Kotel
  11. Live 1 month in Israel
  12. Have another baby
  13. Breastfeed a baby
  14. Learn to use a wrap correctly. Done
  15. Pay it forward once a month minimum (0/22)
  16. Make a full batch of Challah and give away the extras.
  17. Donate the girls’ old toys Made one run. Getting some more stuff together for another.
  18. Donate the girls’ old diapers
  19. Donate $1.00 a day to charity. (1/674)
  20. Volunteer to deliver food for Tomchei Shabbat
  21. Take a meal to a sick person Done.
  22. Take a meal to a new mother
  23. Donate $5.00 to charity for every item not completed.
  24. Grow out hair to donate to Locks of Love FAIL I got sick of it and cut it off at about 5 inches.
  25. Host a large Shabbat dinner
  26. Make holiday binders (0/6)
  27. Have my cupboards empty for Pesah (don't sell Chametz just have it gone)
  28. Invite non-observant people for Pesah.
  29. Join a women’s learning group
  30. Write an essay about “Women and Orthodoxy” as counterpoint to the reform and conservative POV.
  31. Invite non-observant people to 3 Shabbatot. (0/3)
  32. See the dentist
  33. Take my meds daily (0/674)
  34. Take my vitamins daily
  35. Get bicycles for everyone in the family and go riding together.—will the girls be old enough? Maybe need a bicycle stroller? Must figure this one out.
  36. Learn to belly dance
  37. Look into eye surgery
  38. Walk 10,000 steps every day for a week.
  39. Get CPR certified
  40. Get CPST certified
  41. Buy myself a pair of good running shoes.
  42. Try eating vegetarian for 1 week
  43. Run a 5K
  44. Submit 5 projects for publication
  45. Make something from homespun yarn
  46. Edit family pictures that are online
  47. Back-up family pictures
  48. Go to SnB regularly Score!
  49. Go to a scrapbooking crop regularly Having trouble finding one. Scrapbooking isn't as big as it used to be.
  50. Refinish a table
  51. Sew curtains
  52. Learn to crochet.
  53. Re-evaluate items on my Ravelry queue monthly. (0/22)
  54. Re-evaluate my 101/1001 list monthly (1/22)
  55. Have enough knitted dishcloths to not use sponges (16/50)
  56. Learn to make soap.
  57. Get up-to-date on printing pictures. Check. I only print pictures as I want them now.
  58. Knit a sweater for everyone in the family. (3/5)
  59. Give only handmade gifts for 1 year.
  60. Finish decorating my bedroom. Almost there!)
  61. Make the house shoe-free
  62. Grow tomato plant
  63. Grow herb garden
  64. Return phone calls as they come in.
  65. Get a bill paying system set up and use it.
  66. Return Netflix as soon as I watch them or realize I don’t really want to watch them.
  67. Make an extra payment each month on the van. (0/22)
  68. Make a budget done
  69. Live within my budget
  70. Make my menus for 1 week.
  71. Grocery shop from my menus
  72. Cook from my menus
  73. Update emergency preparedness kits
  74. Make emergency preparedness kits for cars
  75. Do OAM cooking one month
  76. Complete making my 101/1001 list. (All done!)
  77. Get Zeus to come to my hand.
  78. Call a radio talk show I emailed one and it was read on the air. Called one but someone got on with my comment first.
  79. Take a wine tasting class
  80. Convince someone else to do the 101 in 1001 project with me.
  81. Be an extra
  82. If I don’t read email groups weekly, unsubscribe Done
  83. Respond to one email a week in each of my email groups
  84. Use canvas bags when shopping Doing well!
  85. Get professional portrait taken
  86. Get a mani/pedi monthly (0/22)
  87. Go out for family day once a month. (0/22)
  88. See a play
  89. Write a letter of appreciation to 5 artists (any media) whose work has touched me.
  90. Write a letter to the editor.
  91. Find some “me space” in the house. Got my table, my craft area and my little corner of the sofa.
  92. Photo document 100 things that make me happy (0/100)
  93. Get rid of the grubby clothing from my closet Did this once and I have been getting rid of stained stuff as I realize stains aren't coming out.
  94. Be car-free for 1 week
  95. Be TV free for 1 week
  96. Be caffeine-free for 1 week
  97. Be take-out-free for 1 week.
  98. Work on a political campaign
  99. Send a postcard to PostSecret
  100. Get rid of 1001 clutter items (0/674)
  101. Get fully dressed daily Been doing and I feel great!