Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Baby Carriers, FLS, Pandemics, and a Crocodile

For those of you following my exploits on Twitter or Facebook (and if you aren't, why not?) I'm sure you are sick of hearing about my infatuation with this carrier and my love-hate relationship with February Lady Sweater. I can only warn you about more FLS updates to come, but the carrier will not be joining our home. First, I really can't justify the expense even from my mad money when the girls are rarely worn. The carriers I use nowadays are ones that don't suffer from being shoved under a car seat, in the stroller basket or rolled into a ball and jammed in the diaper bag. 

As for FLS, I've finished the ball of yarn I was using on the body so I'm starting the sleeves. I figure those will go very quickly since they are smaller and knit in-the-round. Also, once I have them done I can try it on and decide how much more torture I have on the body. As always, I LOVE the Dream in Color yarn and the Knit Picks needles.

This "pandemic" has our home in a bit of lockdown. Originally Aba had declared, "No unnecessary trips with the girls." Which would mean we would be locking in the house for a couple weeks. Ummmm....no. Baruch haShem I received a copy of Dr. Jay Gordon's email on the subject and that and some thinking seems to have calmed him down some. Instead of lockdown we are back to our usual "flu season" routine. Water on your hands, water in your body and stay away from sick people. I've also got some ferments going, but I stopped all of them before Pesach and didn't jump right back in after so we're a bit behind in that department. All-in-all I think we are pretty well set in that department and forsee a trip to Disneyland in our very near future.

Finally, I share with you a picture of Shira's crocodile. I am so amazed at how often the girls are making representative art. From Chaya's smiley face, block houses, boats from cups and bowls to this corocodile made from some Duplo blocks they found in a box upstairs. I'm thinking it is time to get them some sketchbooks for our next trip to the Getty Center. Then we can pick some things to draw. Please ignore the tomato sauce all over her face. They had "pasgetti" for lunch and she felt she had done a good job washing up after.