Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Can You Be TV-Free?

I'm always behind on my blog reading, but I managed to catch this just in time!

Sunday, April 20 to Saturday, April 29 is National Turn-off Week. We tried Chol haMoed (but failed) to go TV-free. So, we're giving it the go this time, too.

I'm going to limit my screen time to 1 hour a day (but I will allow my podcasts and internet radio while cooking). For TV, we can have 1 movie night as a family plus each person can choose 1 hour to watch during the week. This will be hard to explain for the girls so I'd prefer to skip it all-together, but I've learned not to set myself up for failure. Not to mention Aba has a soccer game he wants to see and this week's CSI looks great!

Part of the reason I wanted to do it Chol haMoed was because I figured we'd be too busy for TV. Actually I was too busy for TV but everyone else was happy to watch. This time around I know the girls will be busy, too. We have strawberry picking and a Disneyland trip scheduled and I've promised some park days.