Monday, May 04, 2009

February Lady...Sort Of

I've been really happy with my progress on my February Lady Sweater. When I neared the end of the ball of yarn on the body, I went back to the sleeves and in a week I had them finished. I have two more weeks to work on the body before I start to panic. 

The sleeves are a bit shorter than I think I want, but I'm going to wait to wash and block before I make my final choice. I haven't used this yarn before, but I have used the heavy-weight version for the girls' Josephs and it g-r-e-w a lot. Also, people on Ravelry have been reporting growth after blocking. If need be, I can take out the cuff (only 10 rows of garter) and add in some more lace repeats. 

Trying it on, though, was so awesome! My first sweater all for me!