Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Summer of Fun Update


Well, we ended up scratching the San Diego trip(s) so that part of the list didn't get done. I'm not sure why, it just never came together. Instead we did quite a few (six!) more trips to Disneyland and a lot of lounging around the house, watching movies or playing in the pool. We still have just over a month before summer is over for us (I'm ending it at Rosh HaShanah) so we'll see what else I can cram in there.

Another thing that didn't get done is pictures. I had planned on taking pictures and making a mini-album of our summer. I find I took very few pictures. Perhaps I would have taken more if I had been blogging so that I could post regular updates?


Los Angeles Museum of Natural History

  1. Los Angeles Zoo
  2. Los Angeles Museum of Natural History
  3. Getty Museum
  4. Getty Villa
  5. Huntington Library
  6. La Brea Tar Pits/Page Museum
  7. Disneyland
  8. San Diego Zoo
  9. Sea World
  10. San Diego Wild Animal Park
  11. Beach
  12. Strawberry Picking
  13. Watermelon Picking
  14. Blueberry Picking
  15. Kidspace
  16. Balboa Park
  17. Movies
  18. The Grove
  19. Hot Air Balloon Ride
  20. Third Street Promenade at night
  21. Aquarium of the Pacific
  22. Queen Mary
  23. Discovery Cube/ScienCenter

Things to Do

Making Heart-Shaped Crayons
  1. Make Playdough
  2. Watercolor
  3. Scrapbook
  4. Take pictures
  5. Feed the Ducks
  6. Bake Bread
  7. Bake Cookies
  8. Bake a Cake
  9. Make Ice Cream
  10. Make Butter
  11. Make Rice
  12. Make Pizza
  13. Make Tortillas
  14. Make Pita
  15. Make Tissue Paper Candle Holders
  16. Make Paper Plate Masks
  17. Bake Pretzels
  18. Make Clean Mud
  19. Vegetable Stamping
  20. Make Salt Dough
  21. Felt Wool
  22. Make a Found Art Project
  23. Make Marbelized Paper
  24. Make Sandpaper Art
  25. Fly a Kite
  26. Dye White Flowers
  27. Decorate a frame for the girls' artwork
Other art projects we've done are making heart-shaped crayons, salt painting, challah covers, watercolor painting, Shabbat "candles" and drawing with oil pastels.