Sunday, October 25, 2009

Long Time, no Post

Hello all! I can't believe it has been so long since I last posted. I just fell out of the habit and never realized how hard it would be to get back into. I have been writing, but nothing well-formed or post-worthy. Next month, however, is NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) so I'll be posting daily and you'll hear all about the awesome sweater I'm working on for NaKniSweMo (National Knit a Sweater Month). I've got it all swatched and sketched and the yarn is wound and waiting for November 1. Until then I've been going through my works-in-progress and my to-knit list and getting stuff done! Absorba the bathmatthatwillnevergetdone is done and sitting on the floor of the bathroom awaiting the girls' next bath. I have four pair of mittens and three hats left to finish for Snow Day. (I'm making a hat and mitten set for the girls and their cousins). I also finished a pair of socks that had been started on our trip to Israel LAST October! The only other thing actively on the needles right now is a Pi Are Square shawl. I need to figure out what I want to do for the lace pattern, though, before I move on.

Family-wise things are good. The girls are a bit jet-lagged from our trip to New York which makes them grouchy. They went to sleep an hour early last night so I'm hoping for a better day. I've also been warning them that today school starts and tonight they will be going to sleep in their own bed. They have stopped drinking milk before bed and Chaya knows that she can only have a small amount or else she ends up waking up for a potty run. She doesn't like waking so she will skip the chalav! It is so nice that they can be reasoned with sometimes. Batya's new thing is music to sleep with. The other two haven't complained but it bothers me so I end up with my iPod running while I drift off.

Time for bed for me, but I'll be back tomorrow. I need to warm up my blogging muscles...only a week until NaBloPoMo!