Friday, November 13, 2009

Did You know There Are Only 29 Days Until Hanukkah?

From Home-shuler! by way of Phyllis.

A Jewish Holiday Meme

One menorah, or several? Hillel or Shammai? (just kidding about that part)
We use one large one in the front window.

Do you buy your children gifts for every night of Chanukah?
The girls get one large store-bought combined gift from us and 2 handmade ones each.

Do you and your spouse/partner or any other adults in your life exchange gifts?
No. Our anniversary is in the end of January so we exchange then.

Special family chanukah traditions?
We have eight books that I wrap. Each night we open one as a family and read it together. Aba and I have also discussed "adopting" a family and providing Hanukkah for them. We haven't decided if that will fit into the plans this year. I have hopes of making this a time of giving to others as well as getting gifts.

Latkes or sufganiyot? If latkes, sour cream or applesauce?
Sufganiyot mostly. I've made latkes but that usually happens on day 7 or 8 when we are feeling maxed out on the sufganiyot. When we have latkes it is applesauce. All. The. Way.

Favorite chanukah book?
Light the Candles by Joan Holub was popular last year.

Do you actually play dreidl? If so, what do you use for counters?
We just spin and spin and spin them for the girls.

What relationship, if any, do you have with Christmas and all things Christmas-y?

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