Sunday, November 08, 2009

Playing with Avraham Avenu and Sarah Imenu

The parshiyot for the past two weeks really flow together and we used the same art project for both. We made paper dolls of Avraham Avenu, Sarah Imenu and the malachim. (Abraham, Sarah and the angels.)

Week before last we sat at the table with an assortment of felt, glue, pencils and paper doll shapes and a chumash. As the girls worked on making their dolls I read the parsha Lech Lecha (with liberal editing to make it understandable to three year olds). We talked about the need to listen to HaShem and have faith because He isn't going to do bad things to us. We also talked about what things we do everyday just because HaShem has asked us to. (Washing before eating bread, brachot for food, waiting between basar and chalav and no TV on Shabbat were the ones the girls thought of.) I also showed them pictures of their visit to Merat haMachpelah.

Last week we talked about hospitality and acted scenes out with our dolls. I had wanted to invite someone over for a movie day and also for Shabbat, but the girls have been under the weather so we skipped that. We'll make it up in the next couple weeks, though. We also talked about prayer and how it is sometimes hard to get what you want without asking very hard and for a long time and that HaShem knows what is best for you even when you don't. I told them that Aba and I really wanted a baby and prayed for one for a long time. Then HaShem gave us three babies. The girls were thrilled with the idea that they are an extra special gift from HaShem.

On the secular front, we did a lot of building and trying different techniques to build tall towers and bridges. Batya chose a lot of work with the Pink Tower and Chaya worked on drawing circles. She gets very frustrated when it doesn't turn out perfectly. Shira has been very deeply into imaginative play. She spends most of every day dressed up and pretending to be someone or doing something. She even creates new clothing from what is in her dress-up box. (Friday say Snow White's dress turned into a superhero cape.)