Monday, November 16, 2009

Week Three, Zone Three

I finished up the kitchen Sunday morning. Now let's see how long it will stay nice and tidy.

This week I'm moving into Zone 3 which is the bathrooms and "one extra area." Two of our bathrooms are rarely used so didn't need much other than restocking and refilling. The master bathroom, though, took some time. It didn't, however, take as long as I thought and I had it finished by 5:00 pm Sunday night.

Now I'm faced with the question of which "extra area" to tackle. Closets or craft area? The closets would be pretty quick since the girls' just needs a bit of tidying and a quick check for too small clothing. My closet needs a bit more, but not much. The craft area is pretty neat inside the cabinets but the counter needs help.

I'm going to try to get both of them done, but I'm going to start with the closet.

Wish me luck!