Monday, November 09, 2009

Week Two, Zone Two

Week one went well. Check out my nice, newly organized art closet. I found some stuff I had forgotten I had and discovered that I only have two glue sticks left.

This week I head to the kitchen. The kitchen is a hub in our home and stuff seems to accumulate everywhere in there. Egg cartons and a bucket of change for tzedakah on top of the fridge, office stuff on the freezer, miscellaneous stuff on the table, appliances, dishes and junk on the counters.

Decluttering will be hard because I love my kitchen gadgets and I can find a use for all of the serving pieces. It is going to take some serious soul searching to decide which pieces will be leaving us. I am considering taking some of the serving pieces, kashering them and then packing them away for Pesah. That does seem a little bit like putting it off until later, though.

I cannot believe I'm posting these pictures of my kitchen on the internet for all to see.