Friday, January 01, 2010

A Look Back at 2009

January started off with all sorts of "resolutions" and the decision to homeschool the girls. I asked for help choosing a knitting project, reviewed baby carriers and participated in my first Unplugged Project. I also made my first solo trip to Disneyland with the girls.

February saw a slow down on the blog and I only posted during the last week about eating from the fridge in preparation for Pesah and the first Day in the Life Of of 2009.

March started with me deciding to stop using cloth diapers and an update about the hectic life we were living. We moved back to cloth diapers for Batya and I shared my tips for visiting Disneyland alone with triplets. We were ready for Pesah and Chaya got sick right before a friend's bat mitzvah so we improvised. At the end of the month, hasgaha stepped in and made a trip to San Diego and Disneyland possible.

In April Chaya drew, Batya tumbled for Grandpa, Shira starred in her own story, we tried going TV Free and failed. I also got introspective about the shame I hold onto about my parenting and why the girls aren't in a bunch of classes.

May started off with a mikveh visit, poor diet, potty learning and homemade matza. I posted my first recipe (which is also the most popular), my ambitious Summer of Fun list and the second Day in the Life Of.

June started out with a Disneyland trip and ended with a blog re-do.

July was post-less due to a slow re-vamp.

August arrived and I posted about my experiment with eating gluten-free, homeschooling, adapting to a spirited Batya, another trip to Disneyland, and the very temporary addition to our family.

September was postless other than the third Day in the Life Of. (It was High Holidays Month!)

October was full with the last bits of the Holidays and a trip to New York. Of course, I didn't post any of that.

November was NaBloPoMo and NaKniSweMo. I also decided to declutter the house, remembered a woman's cruel comment to me when I was pregnant and taught the girls about Avraham Avenu and Sarah Imenu. I made a list, shared a recipe, mused on sleep routines and still bust up when reading about Shira's Disneyland experience. I did my final Day in the Life Of of 2009.

December arrived and I shared my failure at NaBloPoMo and NaKniSweMo and started playing with Posterous. Looking forward to 2010, I made a list or two.

Overall it was a good year. Are there things I would change? Yep. Are there things I regret? Yep. Is 2010 going to be better? Yep.

Shabbat Shalom and happy new year to all!