Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thursday Thirteen: The Toddler Puke Edition

  1. Its easier to have a potty learned toddler sick than one still in diapers. 
  2. Explaining the BRAT diet to a toddler is hard.
  3. Explaining the BRAT diet to the healthy toddler sisters of a sick toddler is even harder.
  4. Its a lot easier to get probiotics into a toddler who loves kombucha and kefir.
  5. Medicines are not the answer to everything.
  6. I love the DVR.
  7. I love coffee.
  8. I don't love laundry.
  9. I loathe changing bed linens multiple times a night.
  10. Having four beds in the house is awesome even if they aren't used most of the time.
  11. Convincing healthy toddlers to let their sick sister sleep alone is pointless.
  12. Listen to G-d. He'll steer you right. (Like cancelling a whale watching trip the day before the puking starts so that bugs aren't shared with the community.)
  13. The best sight for my tired eyes is a happy, healthy, bouncing, previously sick toddler.