Monday, April 12, 2010

Big Bummer

At the end of last year I began working on the girls' birthday dresses. You'd think that would have been enough time, but with Purim, Pesah and general busy-ness I find that I won't be done.

To be honest, it is my own fault and had I pushed I could have finished, but after making two bodices I just couldn't muster up the desire to make the third. I wanted to work on something else and told myself "no new projects until the dresses are done" which meant that no knitting was done.

My new goal is Shavuot. I want them done and the girls can wear them to my sister's graduation party later that month.

After I finish I'm going work on one of my sweaters and then start the girls' winter jackets. That way I can take a lot of time and enjoy the process. I'm also thinking this will be the year when they don't get the exact same sweater. That should make it more enjoyable for me. I hope.