Friday, June 18, 2010

What We Learned: An Overview

One of the things that comes up from time to time in home educating groups, talks, twitter-a-thons, etc. if how do you keep track of what you've done. As my family and friends know, I'm a bit of a scatter-head and that's gotten even worse since the girls were born.

So when people (and Aba) asks what things we've done I stutter and stumble as I try to remember which I'm sure makes me look like I'm pulling stuff out of the air. Not a good thing when dealing with some one skeptical much less hostile to home educating.

While the girls aren't formally home educating yet (too young) and California doesn't require you keep daily records there are many benefits for keeping them. If you (or your child) choose to enter the traditional school system, having a record of what you've covered will help in placing them in the appropriate class. It will also help in creating a transcript should you need it.

I've been toying with different methods to keep track when it dawned on me. Many blogs I read post recaps at the end of the week: stories I like, tweets I Twittered, bookmarks made, pictures I've found, etc. So at the end of the week I'll just post what we've learned.

Obviously this list could be private, but I''ve seen people ask what pre-school curriculum to use and at the Torah Home Education Conference I was asked by a couple people what I did with preschoolers.

So on Sunday mornings I'll put up the previous week's WWL'd (What We Learned).