Monday, July 05, 2010

is 30 Pounds of Cherries and a Silly String Fight

We took the girls to Villa del Sol Sweet Cherry Farm yesterday. It was a bit of a drive, but we had fun and came home with bags full of cherries. Tonight Aba will be putting the girls to bed and I'm parking myself in front of the computer with some streaming movies from Netflix and going to town pitting cherries.

On the list to make? Grown-up maraschino cherries (in amaretto), pie filling and a lot of frozen cherries for making clafoutis and crisps. Maybe ice cream? Not to mention just noshing on frozen cherries. 

Did I need more than 30 pounds?

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As part of the Mondo Beyondo Dream Lab I made "play boxes" for myself and the girls. Since seeing them, Shira has been begging for the can of silly string that resided inside. At least once a day she's asked me for it. On Shabbat I told her we would have a silly string fight after we came home from cherry picking. Can you guess what was the topic of conversation the entire way home?

Batya wasn't into it, but Shira and Chaya had a blast. Aba had to act like a teenaged boy and pretend the silly string was snot coming out of his nose. The effect was ruined when he had to explain why it was gross or funny to Chaya multiple times.