Friday, June 23, 2006

Well, the girls are finally asleep and mom has just left! Figures they would go to sleep when Grandma wasn't there to hold them. I was lazy and didn't take pictures of them at their 2 month check up with all of their bandaids from the vaccinations. Does that make me a bad mommy or a good mommy?

I sent out an email with their 2 month specifics, but here they are again:

Chaya: 7-8 and 19.75 inches long
Shira: 8-4.5 and 20 inches long
Batya: 7-10.5 and 20 inches long

And for all of you still wondering about the cloth diapers, above they are wearing Minkee diapers. Below they are wearing wool covers made by my friend, Celeste.

I haven't decided if I'm just going to post here or still send emails, so let me know if you aren't on the list and want to be. I'm leaning towards just posting here. When I figure it out, I'll let everyone know!