Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I know it has been a while, but on top of being busy I forgot my username and password for the blog and had to ge through all sorts of hoops to get them back. Finally here and yes, I've written it down somewhere.

The girls were social butterflies these past couple of weeks. Out shopping, a henna, Shabbat dinner at home and 2 out, Shabbat lunches out, a wedding, their birthday is coming up and then on Sunday we celebrate Safta's and Gill's birthday. They are just busy little bugs.

First up are some pictures from Sunday's wedding of Miri Benzaquen to Shlomo Dayan (no relation!).

Here are some pictures of the girls playing. They still don't like to smile for the camera, but they are smiling and laughing all day long and Shira is a talker! And they LOVE this playmat given to them by Aunt Kathy!

Just a cute picture of Shira showing off a diaper and her great "baby pose" push-up. It's her favorite position during floor play.

My little Batya tucked into a slig worn by her Aba. We had gone for a walk to CB&TL and I pushed the double and Ron wore Batya. She fell asleep almost instantly.