Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The colds are just about gone except or some coughing from Shira and I and a little congestion by everyone. We've been off the cold medicine for 24 hours now and the girls seem fine, so no more Triaminic.

Chaya is rolling over all the time and trying to crawl. She is very adept at scooching and ends up with a red nose from dragging it on the carpet. She has also started growling at her lion toy, "talking" more and pinching.

Shira's vocabulary is getting bigger and her mohawk is geting longer. She is also the only one who hasn't found her volume switch.

Batya has started th stranger anxiety stage and will talk with strangers and even smile at them, but she doesn't want to be held by them.

The girls are out of their 3 month clothing if it snaps at the crotch or has footies. They are just too long for them but not too chunky. They also still like to be swaddled and right now, Batya id finally sleeping all swaddled up in her bouncy chair.