Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Colds are gone except for my night-time cough. We made it through and it wasn't as horrible as I feared. Next week is full of important dates: Wednesday is their 6 month birthday and Friday is their 6 month ped appointment. I can't believe it is here already!

I bought the sippy handles and spouts for their bottles and they seem to enjoy holding onto the handles but don't like the spouts. I wasn't expecting them to like them already, but it was fun seeing how they reacted. We also gave each of the girls some water from a glass. Batya LOVED it and when she saw the glass she would move her head towards it and open her mouth. Chaya enjoyed it so-so and Shira just let the water dribble out and showed no interest in it. They are just beginning to show some interest in the plate and food. So, I'll be getting their highchairs out and letting them play with food soon. Not sure when, but I will definately post pictures and let everyone know how they did.

Shira is over being swaddled. Saturday night she cried and cried after she was swaddled, so I unwrapped her and she fell asleep. Sunday the same thing happened at naptime. She is a little clingier then she was and wakes up and extra time at night now, but it is slowly getting shorter. I think she is transitioning from the comfort of the swaddle to "the real world". Chaya and Batya still need it. They will cry and fuss and then you swaddle them and they fall asleep. Batya is still sleeping through the night 99% of the time and they are all still in the same crib and rotate into bed with Ron and I for their nighttime feeding.

They are all getting bigger and taller. We are solidly into the 6 month size and some of those are too small if they have feet or snap at the crotch. Even on my tiny Chaya! We are also getting solidly into medium diapers and are on the diaper hunt again since the brand that we were using raised their prices. I think we found a brand, but I need to make sure it works for everyone (the girls, Ron, Pamela (the nanny) and myself.)

I have some pictures in the cameras and I will upload tonight or tomorrow. PROMISE!!!