Monday, October 16, 2006

Zeus said Batya!

When I was getting ready to feed Batya, we went to Zeus' cage and talked to him a bit including telling him how yummy his food looked. Batya was interested in him and he talked while she was there, but she was hungry so I fed her. Then I put her down for a nap and was changing the batteries in a swing when Zeus started his "Mmmm-mmmm-mmm" and lip-smacking routine about how good his food was and included in it was Batya's name! This is the first time he has said any of their names. They are all starting to figure out what is going on in the family and who everyone is. He is finally talking when they are around and came out of his cage over the weekend while the girls were playing. He used to only talk when they were asleep or in another room and would only come out if Ron was there and the girls were asleep. The girls are also starting to figure him out and are staring at him more and are excited to go to his cage to see him.