Sunday, October 15, 2006

Well, the fall holiday season is behind us and the girls decided to bid it farewell with a bunch of new things!

  • Chaya rolled from the middle of the rug to the sofa and then to the opposite edge of the rug.
  • She also got pretty adept at manuvering around objects and rolling to get where she wanted to be. (ie from one playmat to the other.)
  • Shira practiced her raspberries.
  • Batya worked on her raspberries some more, but perfected sticking her tongue out.
  • All the girls had a taste of carrots. Shira like it the best and played with the spoon, Batya enjoyed the carrots but not the spoon and Chaya was too busy with other stuff to care.
  • Shira sat up pretty much unassited as long as someone helped her get upright.
  • Chaya turned her affection towards the duck and would take it away from her sisters.

Busy times and big advances as we head towards 6 months!