Sunday, November 19, 2006

Shira wearing my sunglasses.

Shira sitting up for the first time.

All of the girls love the squash from Saba's garden!

Batya and her spoon. She loves to feed herself and will fight you for the spoon. She hasn't figured out that you need to put more food on it, though.

Batya in her rocking chair. She loves to take the toys off of the toy bar.

Batya's new favorite way to nap. She feeds herself a little food and dozes off on her Boppy with her Pooh Bear blanket.

Shira in the Exersaucer.

Chaya and Shira in the tub. Batya's pictures were too revealing for the blog. All of the girls love to sit up in the tub, play with the toys and splash.