Sunday, November 19, 2006

Yesterday was 7 months. I have a lot of photos uploading so as soon as they get up I can start putting them into the blog. Including a picture of Shira's 1st sit!!! Batya and Chaya are still more of a wobble, but Shira can sit up long enough for me to get a picture. Chaya is the only one who needs a swaddle to help her fall asleep in the evenings, but in the middle of the night she gets unwrapped and is fine. Everyone is eating solids, but Chaya is showing very little interest in them. Also, still precrawling. Everyone is making the bridge (getting their tummies off the floor) and a lot of bouncing from Shira, but it is just coordinating everything. We put 1 swing and 2 bouncy chairs away as they weren't being used and traded one of the playmats for another one. We also brought out the exersaucer. It has quickly become a favorite! Chaya is really playing up the "I'm first-born so I get all the toys" and is often stealing her sisters' toys. I also have an incredible story about Shira wanting to play with Chaya, but it has to wait. Shira is crying and Aba needs some help.