Monday, November 06, 2006

Well, well, well. It turns out Chaya has a little jealous streak in her! The other morning we were all in bed with Chaya in the middle. They all had a pacifier and Chaya reaches over and takes Batya's. Multiple times! I was constantly moving Chaya away and giving Batya her pacifier back. Finally Batya falls asleep so I let Chaya take the pacifier. Then Ron comes in and tells me that she is sucking on both of them!

In other news...we are trying out sleeping without any swaddling for Chaya and Batya. They both unwrap themselves during the night so I think they just need a little help going to sleep. We'll see. Shira is now refusing the pacifier in almost all situations (even going to sleep). Shira is a side or tummy sleeper and Batya is a tummy sleeper. Chaya hasn't shown any preference.

I started Batya on solids again since she has been eating much more since we stopped and I only stopped her solids because I stopped Chaya and Shira's. So, we were eating our cereal and Shira is eying the food. Seems she is ready to try again so I gave her some. We'll see how her tummy does. I have a roasted sweet potato waiting for them tomorrow. I figure I'll offer some to Chaya, too.

Everyone is still pre-crawling, trying to sit and the teething is in full force with drool, rashes, discomfort and chewing. Soon, soon, soon...