Wednesday, December 20, 2006

8 Months old!

It was hard thinking what to do today, but the girls were having so much fun with the laundry basket as I was figuring out a cute photoshoot so I thought that would be it and then my laundry rack showed up in this HUGE box and plans were changed!

Here are the Hanukkah card photoshoot pictures. Take 1…

My original idea (ala Kathy’s Christmas card picture of Emma last year) was to have the girls looking at the lit Hanukiyah. We borrowed the big one from the synagogue, polished it up and lit some candles but I cannot even begin to explain how hard it is to get 3 7 month olds to sit still. If they weren’t trying to crawl away, they were tipping over. They also had way too much fun in the fabric from our wedding which I was using as a prop so I just gave up and let them play. Ron didn’t like the results so we set up another photoshoot for the next day.

Take 2…

In their coordinating outfits, I put some Hanukkah toys, decorations and gifts around them and snapped away. I got some pretty good pictures, if I say so myself. The group shot is what you will be getting on your holiday cards.

I'll be uploading action shots of gift opennings later this week or early next week!