Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Yes, I am a slacker mom. It has been a loooong time sinc eI updated, but I am doing so now. On the girls' 1st birthday! It will be ina few parts as I have time. First up is the writing to catch everyone up. (The camera is downstairs and we need to head out to the farmer's market and stroller shopping, so pics will have to wait.)

The girls are nicely on solids and at the point wher ethey complain if they don't get a decent meal. We are settling into a routine that has a sit-down messy breakfast and dinner with more of a snack-ish lunch. Also, less formula but still formula (not milk) as I'm taking it easy on dairy with them. Batya is the only one who has shown any dairy sensitivity (cottage cheese) but still, why risk it? Chaya loves her fruits and veggies, Batya loves bread and meat and Shira is more of a play-with-my-food-and-get-it-all-over kind of gal. Favorites are chicken, peas, string cheese, carrots, gold beets, cherry yogurt, O cereal and cheesy duck crackers (like goldfish, but shaped like ducks) and matza. They love it!

They are all still sharing a crib and coming to bed for night feedings, but I'm working on moving them back to their crib so that 2 are together and one is with us. This way we all have more room, but everyone has a snuggly baby. Shira is the only one who consistently wakes up during this move. Batya is the easies to get back into bed and Chaya is getting better. We're also settling into an evening and before bed routine. It goes something like this: 5pm, dinner when the fussies start (usually 5:45) sippy cup of water. 6-ish they get cleaned up and play while I tidy the mess and get bottles, pjs and diapers ready. Then they start having tired fussies around 7 and I get them changed and fed. I rotate who I'm holding to make sure they eat as much as possible. Then if they are sleepy, I snuggle them to sleep and put them in bed. If they are fighting it, I put them in the stoller and back carrier and we walk around the block a couple times or to get Ron and I a treat at Baskin Robbins or Coffee Bean.

Yes, we are still using cloth diapers and I'm not planning on going to sposies even though they are eating solids and I have to spray off poop. It really isn't that much work and I do enjoy it more than washing socks and towels.

May 9th is the next ped appointment so I'll have current weights and lengths then. We'll also find out how much longer we can use our infant seats. Because the girls were so small when they were born and I got the big infant seats, we are only on the second slot for the shoulder harness!

The girls are all chatty now, and Chaya doesn't stop! She repeats things she only hears once or twice very clearly. Shira is still singing more than talking, but you can tell what she wants. Hard to explain. Batya is a character repeating sounds and syllables and blowing raspberries.

Shira took 2 steps a week ago, but hasn't repeated it. She is cruising like a pro moving from chair to couch and back and she "runs" to you (crawling very fast). Chaya is cruising, but not trying to stand on her own. She will hold on to your leg and walk with you, though. Batya is cruising and standing on her own but hasn't taken a step. She seems like she is really concentrating on it, though.

I'm thinking that that is about it. The rest will have to wait for pictures.

Oh, and May 20th is their 1st birthday party. (Don't ask. I know they will actually be 13 months.) Invites are being made and will go out soon!