Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Assorted pictures from the past few weeks...(Don't mind the red-eye, I'll be fixing it as soon as I can.)

Passover Photos

All dressed up for the Seder

Look, it's my dad in a dress! Just kidding! Batya just looks so much like him sometimes, though!

Getting ready for a bath in the big tub!
Yes, that is Shira fresh from her bath trying to crawl under the toilet.

Official 11 month picture. They still sleep like this.

Shira testing the weight limits on the stroller's storage basket.

My cool orange stroller at On Fire. It broke...the girls were there, too. Chaya and Shira in the stroller and Batya in the highchair.

The worn but dependable blue stroller at Metro Glatt. The girls had their first burger. Shira sat in a resturaunt high chair for the first time. I have since bought portable boosters since no resturaunts seem to have 3 high chairs.

The Face

Free labor

Chaya and her wiener dog.

This is my life. Wherever I go there are 3 little people grabbing onto my skirt or calling to me. Isn't it great?