Saturday, October 13, 2007

It's 4:30 you know where you're triplets are?

Mine are wide awake and playing. They get just about back onto a "normal" schedule and then someone wakes her sisters up in the middle of the night and I'm back to square one. Tonight it was Shira who was wavering between "I want Ima" and "I want Aba."
Crawling on her sisters while crying woke up Batya and their playing together woke up Chaya. So we made the best of it. I brought them out to the living room, gave them juice, challah, cheese and banana while uploading some pictures and Ron went to the Netz minyan at the Kotel. When he gets back we'll go out to breakfast.

On our schedule today is just shopping and wandering around Jerusalem. Including a stop at the shouk, a pottery co-op, children's bookstore, Mea Shearim and anywhere else that tickles our fancy.

Last night we took the girls out to the new mall and then walked to the David Citadel Hotel for a light dinner. Chaya and Batya found a nice couple who would give them fries, Chaya practiced her flirty looks with a few different tables and Shira learned that french fries are best as a tool to move ketchup from the dish to her mouth. We did't take the stroller with us and carried all of the girls with Ayelet getting a taste of the Connecta although she is so skinny the straps didn't fit without some improvisation.

All the girls in the pack and play over here. They slept for about 8 hours like this (minus the bottles).

Batya and Ayelet. All the girls were practicing getting soda from dipping a straw into the glass.