Thursday, October 11, 2007

Shalom Me'Yerushalayim!
(Hi from Jerusalem!)

We arrived safe and sound and thirty minutes early (!). The girls were pretty good considering the greuling nature of an overseas trip. They really just seemed to want to spread out and play. Chaya and Batya are having a difficult time with the jet lag, but tonight and tomorrow should be close to normal as they went to sleep last night (this morning?) at 12 AM and woke up at 4 AM. I learned with Shira, though, that the secret is a nice long nap (8 hours) the first morning and then a couple of small naps during the day (30 minutes each) and then she sleeps well at night. She also likes the pillows over here. LOL!

So, at 4 AM Friday morning Shira sleeps, Chaya and Batya play and have breakfast, Ayelet (our hostess) attempts to sleep, Ron goes to the Kotel to pray and Ima gets online.

A few pictures from yesterday's visit to The Kotel.

They had a blast there. Shira was imitating the women and walking backwards...when she wasn't trying to quietly sneak away from me. Chaya and Batya were chasing the birds and all the girls were talkign to the women and children who were there. I'm hoping to take some video next visit.

Shabbat Shalom!