Monday, February 18, 2008

101 in 1001

Complete making my 101/1001 list.

Live 1 month in Israel

Run a 5K

Get Zeus to come to my hand.

Have another baby

Breastfeed a baby

Have enough knitted dishcloths to not use sponges (3/50)

Learn to make soap.

Learn to belly dance

Look into eye surgery

Call a radio talk show

Take a RV vacation across the US

Try eating raw for 1 week

Try eating vegetarian for 1 week

Get up-to-date on printing pictures (0/53)

Take a wine tasting class

Drive to Hearst Castle

Take a driving tour in Israel.

Go to Morocco

Shop in Morocco

Take my meds daily

Take my vitamins daily

Pay it forward once a month minimum (0/33)

Make a full batch of Challah and give away the extras.

Update the girls’ blog monthly (0/33)

Donate the girls’ old toys

Donate the girls’ old diapers

Complete the monthly KALs I’ve committed to.

Knit a sweater for everyone in the family.

Give only handmade gifts for 1 year

Convince someone else to do the 101 in 1001 project with me.

Get CPR certified

Get CPST certified

Make holiday binders (0/6)

Join a women’s learning group

Go to SnB regularly (At least once a month)

Go to a scrapbooking crop regularly (At least once a month)

Work on a political campaign

Send a postcard to PostSecret

Get rid of 1001 clutter items (0/1001)

Be an extra

Walk 10,000 steps every day for a week.

Host a large Shabbat dinner

Make my menues for 1 week.

Grocery shop from my menues

Cook from my menues

Update emergency preparedness kits

Make emergency preparedness kits for cars

If I don’t read email groups weekly, unsubscribe

Respond to one email a week in each of my emaill groups

Edit family pictures that are online

Back-up family pictures

Use canvas bags when shopping

Get professional portrait taken

Make something from homespun yarn

Save $5.00 a week for Israel fund (0/143)

Donate $1.00 a day to charity. (2/1001)

Volunteer to deliver food for Tomchei Shabbat

Buy myself a pair of good running shoes.

Get an mani/pedi monthly (0/33)

See the dentist

Go out for family day once a month. (0/33)

See a play

Submit 5 projects for publication

Write a letter of apreciation to 5 artists (any media) whose work has touched me.

Write a letter to the editor.

Write an essay about “Women and Orthodoxy” as counterpoint to the reform and conservative POV.

Refinish a table

Sew curtains

Go on a cruise

Go skiing

Take the girls to Disney World

Take a meal to a sick person

Take a meal to a new mother

Return phone calls as they come in.

Get a bill paying system set up and use it

Return Netflix as soon as I watch them or realize I don’t really want to watch them.

Make an extra payment each month on the van. (0/33)

Do OAM cooking one month

Be car-free for 1 week

Be TV free for 1 week

Be caffeine-free for 1 week

Be take-out-free for 1 week.

Re-evaluate items on my Ravelry queue monthly. (0/33)

Find some “me space” in the house.

Dance with the girls at the Kotel

Re-evaluate my 101/1001 list monthly (0/33

Finish decorating my bedroom.

Invite non-observant people to 3 Shabbatot. (0/3)

Photo document 100 things that make me happy (0/100)

Knit 1 hat/mitten/booties set for the NICU every 2 months. (0/17)

Learn to crochet.

Grow out hair to donate to Locks of Love

Get rid of the grubby clothing from my closet

Get fully dressed daily

Make the house shoe-free

Get bicycles for everyone in the family and go riding together.

Learn to use a wrap correctly.

Grow tomato plant

Grow herb garden

Donate $5.00 to charity for every item not completed.