Tuesday, February 19, 2008

It's official. I stoopid.

A couple days ago I got B out of her carseat and when I touched the back the whole thing flipped over. Turns out it wasn't buckled in. I have no clue who unbuckled it or when it happened. (Thank G-d we weren't in an accident!) So I was trying for days to get it back in. I couldn't figure out why it kept flipping backwards.

I was using the right belt path. I didn't have the tether so tight it was pulling it down...at on point I undid the tether and it didn't help. I was putting my full weight on the seat when i tightened it. I finally took the whole seat out and then looked at Chaya's seat which is installed like a mirror image (B is driver-side outboard and C is passenger-side outboard.) Everything looked the same. Then I realized what was wrong.

I was using the seatbelt from the middle row to buckle a carseat into the backrow.

So every time I tightened the belt thinking that was the problem it was pulling the seat further back. *bangshead*

Now her seat is fine. Thank G-d.