Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Wow, Wow, Wow

I've been on some sort of knitting roll today! i'll finish taking pics tomorrow (I'm tired and my bed is calling) but I got a bunch done.

Thecapristhatwillbeverbefinished are all done and will get a wash with my next wooly wash on Wednesday. (Is it weird I have a set day to wash woolies?)

My Spring Cap is done. (I think I'm going to make more. It is so comfy and an easy pattern once you get into the swing of it.)

And I made a a face cloth out of TIG's YOTM chenille!

Next up is a skirty for the girls. I also have bits of washcloths in almost every room of the hose so I'd like to get them done. I'm knitting up a sample Shabbat washcloth for the Rav to okay (made from a grocery bag so it doesn't absorb water. Hence no worry about wringing it out.) I have a partially completed child's sock upstairs, too. And a Ribby Wrap awaiting buttons. And I'm working on block 4 of Harold...errr Absorba. (He reminds me more of a Harold.)

i also have some sewing and paper projects as well as something new in the works, but this is a knitting post so you'll have to wait! LOL