Wednesday, May 28, 2008

6 Days

since my last post. And I haven't been Twittering much lately, either. So much to do an dso much to catch up on.

Last Sunday we went to a Lag b'Omer barbeque at a local park. It was fun but a bit windy with a nice cold wind. Still, the girls enjoyed it and got some balloon hats out of it. I got a hummus
-covered shirt. LOL

Monday we stayed in. I did some cleaning and some work reaching my 20 item goals. Got rid of 30 things! Well, a bit more, really, but I counted groups of things as "one" since they were all together.

Yesterday our new bubble wands arrived so the girls had fun playing outside. We also got a copy of Eric Carle's From Head to Toe which caused fighting galore between Chaya and Batya.

On a crafty note, I've been making great progress on the Cookie Monster shorties I'm making. (Only 9 rounds until I split for the legs!) I've also been scrapbooking up a storm. I'm so happy with my progress! I just need to get everything photographed and uploaded.

Today is CSA pick-up day. I'm considering also making a run to Ikea. The girls have been using anything they can find to stand on when they need a little boost so I want to get some small stools. I also want to check out their outdoor toddler chairs for our soon-to-be-set-up art area on the patio. And I need about 2 dozen more hangers.

There really is so much more to write about. (The ideas keep fluttering around in my head.) I've been working in bits and bops on the posts and saving them. Just so much to do and so little time. I'm debating carting the laptop with me today so that when the girls nap in the car, I can stop and write. I haven't felt that way in so long. It is so odd!