Monday, May 19, 2008

Birthday Party Bonanza

Well, not really a bonanza but a fun-filled day. The girls' birthday (American) fell the Friday before Passover this year so we waited to celebrate until yesterday. Perfect timing, too, since the weather was gorgeous (if hot for barbecue assembling).

Aunt Jackie bought the girls some bubble gun things that didn't really work. But the girls keep asking for bubbles so I'll be picking up an assortment of bubble wands this week.

Grandma Lorraine bought them Tinkerbell nightgowns and the girls asked to put them on. Chaya twirled and twirled in her dress. (I believe Aunt Jackie has video of that.) But here is a cute pic of Grandpa and Chaya.

My lovely little 2 AM cake. LOL And cupcakes for the girls. They did like them and Batya keeps asking for "mo'fun" (muffin).

After everyone left, Iris Or came over to play and draw. Chaya saw her and started shouting. I'm not sure if she was more excited for the birthday party or the visit from "Is Or".

Grandpa got them some crayons and also brought these wonderful cigar boxes. We didn't put the crayons in there, but the markers, glitter glue and ink pads fit perfectly. The pastels went into a small fruitcake tin he also brought.

The final results. Top to bottom: Chaya, Shira and Batya (who preferred to color on the table cloth to the paper)

And when it was all over and Iris Or had gone home, we tidied up and headed up for a bath.