Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I used to love it. Really, really loved going to Target. It was a joke that anything neat in the house was from there and that I paid for the construction of a new Target closer to our home. But I haven't been feeling the love the last few trips and am pretty sure I won't be going back any time soon. Really, I only went to do a couple exchanges (gifts for size) and get an adjustment on our BBQ.

First of all, I could only find about 30% of the things on my list.

Second of all, the things I did see were poor imitations of lovely things I can get from Etsy or WAHMs. Yes, I might pay more but when you factor in the hassle of carting the girls through the store, the cost of gas and the time it takes it isn't all that much more.

Third of all, the customer service is seriously lacking. I'm pushing a double stroller, pulling a shopping cart and wearing a baby on my back and no one will get out of my way. I say, "excuse me," a couple of times, but they just stand there. One employee was walking behind me, gave a big sigh when she went around me and then just stared at me when I said "excuse me." sigh.
I got more courtesy from other shoppers and the barista at the Starbucks counter.

Lastly, at our store the garden center is in the back. I need some soil and a couple plants for our terrarium but I would have had to load the girls in, drive to the back of the store, unload them, run in for the stuff, reload the girls and then be on my way home. Anyone who has dealt with getting more than one kid into a carseat knows how much work that is. The other option would be to walk around the entire shopping center. With a case of Iwannagetoutofthis starting up, that wasn't a great option, either.

So, alas, my fair Target has lost its bloom. Go ahead and place bets on how long you think it will be before I return. I'm thinking it won't be before the holidays.